Our goal is genuine and simple.
  1. Our products minimize impact on the environment
  2. Our factories are safe and clean
  3. Our suppliers and subcontractors respect the labor code of conduct and engage in the fair and ethical treatment of their employees
Our Company Values.
Our key values and how we express them
  • Respect for others.
    through the kind and fair treatment of people inside and outside of our company
  • Compassion.
    through caring service and programs that help others in our community
  • Excellence.
    through high quality standards in our work and in our products
  • Vision.
    through a positive mental attitude that allows us to see the endless possibilites
Social Responsibility
Corporate overview

Jardine Associates has implimented a Social Responsibility program (SRP) to ensure that our manufacturing partners provide safe and healthy working conditions, and engage in fair and ethical employment practices which include:

  • Fair wages and reasonable working hours
  • No child labor
  • No forced labor
  • Freedom of association
Our Code of Conduct [Download PDF]

The SRP is part of the review and qualification process for all of our suppliers and contract manufacturers and decorators. The SRP follows the standards and guidelines established by the Fair Labor Association through it’s published “Code of Conduct”.

Jardine has been affiliated with the Fair Labor Association as a category C licensee, since 2002, an organization dedicated to promoting the FLA Code of Conduct and other principles that encourage the fair treatment of workers around the globe. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they also abide by the Code of Conduct and that their factories are safe and clean. A copy of the Code of Conduct and factory audits are available upon request.

small steps can affect change

To reach our goal of total compliance with the Social Responsibility Program, all subcontractors are required to sign, post and prove compliance with the FLA Code of Conduct . They are required also to conduct meetings with management and employees about the Code of Conduct and what it means.

Verification and Improvement
working closer with our suppliers.

The verification and improvement process means working closely with our suppliers, their management, representatives and agents to help them achieve our goals.

  • Over 75% of our raw products come from US manufacturers.
  • 95% of our product is decorated or custom imprinted here in the U.S.
  • 100% of our buisiness comes from product sourced through U.S. suppliers.
Community Involvement

A social responsibility program should also address issues closer to home, and Jardine is an active participant in many projects and goals in our community. Over the many years Jardine has been responsible for many donations including hundreds of flip flops to communities affected by hurricane Katrina. The employees here at Jardine have personally been involved with donations including collecting girl scout cookies for our troops in Iraq. Jardine also contributed our Nalgene water bottles as part of that program.

Environmental Responsibility

The SRP further requires environmental responsibility. Linked to this is our corporate objective of promoting conservation and the protection of wildlife. We at Jardine believe that the natural world is pretty awe inspiring and want to do what we can to help protect it.

Jardine has worked hard to reduce our carbon imprint to save our natural resources. In addition, many of our products are “Green Products” and minimize impact on the environment. We aslo recylce wherever possible as part of normal company policy.